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Nelson Mandela receives special honnors at Consegi

The great African lider, Mandela is an icon for having united his People
Jun 28, 2013 11:50 AM
Nelson Mandela receives special honnors at Consegi

Nelson Mandela

Since 2009, the 18th of July is known at United Nations as "Nelson Mandela's Day - For Liberty, Justice and Democracy" . This is one of the many honnors given to this great person. In smaller proportions , the Sixth  Edition of the International Free Software e-Gov Congress- CONSEGI have decided to honnor Nelson  Mandela as South Africa had been chosen Consegi's focal country since last year .

Ana Amorim, the congress coordinator, remembered that Mandela is the symbol for pacific resistance against the apartheid regime of the than racist government of South Africa. His attitude have conducted his Country towards racial democracy  . "If today, everybody can go to the same university, same public places, and compete in an equalitarian way to the same jobs in South Africa it is because Mandela , with his Gandhy's style philosophy, and leadership have helped to put an end to the apartheid regime", observed Amorim. She says "nothing more just than giving Mandela a special place  this year when South Africa is Consegi's  focal country". 

Who is the Myth?

Nelson Mandela is known for so many titles from the most important African Leader to  winner of the Noble Prize in 1993 and best known prisoner of Africa.

You will find more about his life at Wikipedia.

Consegi 2013

This Year's Consegi will happen from the 13th till the 15th of August in Brasília, with free registration for all. This is the greatest IT government event and the main ideas behind this year  gathering is Portability, Collaboration and Interoperability for the advance of technology for  Society and Government with free software.  

Ubuntu among many other systems will be brought by the South African Thomas Fogwill. Ubuntu is a free operational system that is conquering daily more and more adepts  around the world. The name UBUNTU means "Humanity for all people", or "I am what I am for what we are". UBUNTU is an African ethic or ideology based in the idea of SHARING and COLLABORATION.

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