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Caravans from Other States

Attention to the conditions for registration of caravans from other states

  • The caravans should be formed by students of Federal Universities, State and Private and Federal Institutes of Higher Education - IFES.

  • Power is not included in the journey, it is the responsibility of each passenger or educational institution bear the expenses relating to its power;

  • The organization is not responsible for any delays that may occur at the scheduled times of arrivals and departures of conduct provided by the organization, and the changes will be notified in advance to those responsible for caravans;

  • Buses carry exclusively the transport to and from the members of the caravans are camped in the Park Botanical Gardens Brasilia to the venue is not allowed, so the realization of other paths by bus than those cited above.

  • Each caravan shall elect a representative who will be responsible for maintaining contact with the organization of the event, confirm that all members were registered for the congress, send the attached list with all the data of the participants to the email address: caravanas.consegi@serpro. and defining, together with the organization of the event, place and time of departure and arrival of buses.

  • The representatives of the caravans will be responsible also for checking if all members are present on the buses in each shift done;

  • The members of the caravan must commit to their presence, unless justified need for absence, not to compromise the event nor hinder the participation of other people who want to be part of the caravans.

    Contact Phone: (61) 2021-8118 and / or (61) 2021-8111

    List of participants: Click here to download.

  •  We await your contact, sign up now and do not miss this opportunity!

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