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Main theme

This year theme  Portability, Collaboration and Interoperability brings what is more important at this time: the promotion of debates over the policies of FOSS and the management of technologies for developing systems, permeated by idea of  citizenship promotion, government systems interoperability  and knowledge sharing. 

Since 2012, CONSEGI brought the necessity of implementing services to citizens users of mobile apparatus, a growing number of people in the country and in the world. Portability brings about  the necessity of  government solutions to reach multiple platforms, thus  developing  applicatives for the citizens using various devices : computers, notebooks, tablets, smart phones. 

The expectation is that governments  in the three spheres , academia and Civil Society could find out social demands, discuss them,  and present better policies for public services related to ITC , and also enlarge citizens participation in the follow up of  the management of public decisions. All that done with the help of free software , a strategic resource for knowledge enhancement with low cost for the government.

Main theme:

Portability, Collaboration and Integration

Especific themes:

Electronic Government Applications
Cloud Computing and ICT infrastructure;
Governance, Management and Strategy for ICT
Free Software Ecosystem
New Human Machine Interfaces
Emerging Technologies
Portability, Standards and Interoperability
Cyber ​​Defence and Security
Geospatial technologies
Computers and Society

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