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Since 2008, Consegi is a strategic event in stimulating debate on issues of policy and management technologies in Free Software, permeated by concepts of citizenship promotion, interoperability of government systems, knowledge sharing and adoption of rules and standards.

Showcase experiences
In 2009, the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has officially opened the Consegi, opportunity in which he highlighted the importance of information access and sharing as a digital inclusion essencial factors.

In its second edition, the Consegi exposed the immense collection of solutions and codes developed and shared by Public Sphere. The event showed that, with the logic of free software, resources can be better utilized.

Moreover, the concepts of freedom and right of knowledge access have been discussed for more than 4.000 participants. Seventeen countries representatives participated in this year (South Africa, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Cuba, Ecuador, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Paraguay, Sao Tome and Principe, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Uruguay, Egypt).

Technological forefront
In 2010, Consegi innovated to bring into the government the discuss about cloud computing and the evolution of e-government services from a new proposed technology infrastructure.

In the same year, the event reached the mark of around 6.000 subscribers, being the record of the previous editions. International cooperation and defense of free software as best alternative technique for Public Administration continued attending the event.

Strengthening Democracy
Again, the Consegi comes out ahead in the discussion of innovative topics. In 2011, the theme Open Data brought the debate to the release of public information for the core of the government. Public and interested groups devoted themselves for three days to share knowledge around the issue, which was still embryonic in the country.

In its fourth year, had over 3.000 participants, among them 811 students coming from caravans of different states of the country, along with representatives from 14 countries. Participants were divided into about 170 activities (lectures and workshops) and seven simultaneous events.

Digital Mobility
The 2012 edition was the first outside of Brasilia, happened in Belém and focused in "Digital Mobility", an advent that is changing the way individuals use and appropriate technologies. The government, in order to innovate in public services to citizens, started thinking and provide applications for mobile devices. How to expand operations in the ​​electronic government area, using portability as a essential element to better serve people, was one of the most important discussions at the fifth edition of Consegi.

More than five thousand subscribers! The public of Pará's capital has attended to 2000 vacancies of workshops and tutorials, followed more than 90 lectures and conferred inventions of robotics, automation and affordability that have been exposed in the Hangar - Amazon Convention and Trade. They yet met the experiences of the focal country, Uruguay, mostly the laptop with internet access delivery program for each student and teacher of public schools, in addition to actions related to free software.

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